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"Alternative" Ships - Sep 5/01
Forge World recently released a number of new resin models for BFG. Including Transport Variants and Defence Monitors. In case you've ommited these extras from your campaigns due to the lack of models, here's a treatise from Lord Admiral Acoron on how to use these underappreciated units.
NASty Necrons - Nov 16/01
In the real Imperial Navy, defeatist comments are rewarded with corporal punishment, re-education, execution, etc. In real life, there are no such graces to stem the flow of "The Necrons will kill us all!". Commissar Sonata and Lord Admiral Acoron have written an article on dealing with Necrons. Read it, and be the envy of all the geeks at your local gaming store.
Astartes Escorts - Dec 1/01
Hmmm... Space Marine escorts, eh? There's been a relatively lackluster reaction towards the stats for these new ships. Lord Admiral Acoron gives you his two cents on Astartes Escorts.
Battle Report - Da Zappah - Dec 16/01
Here's a battle report between an Imperial fleet and an Ork raiding fleet which included the new Zappah Class Big Kroozer. Waaagh!
Tactical Review - Jun 23/02
Lord Admiral Acoron compares and reviews the tactical treatsies of Lord Rethmon and Lord Rhamirez.
Gordon on Gothic - Sep 29/02
An interview with Execution Hour author Gordon Rennie regarding his work on BFG-themed novels.
Eldar Shadow Hunter Cruiser - Nov 15/01
Commisar Sonata explains how to convert this Eldar Grand Cruiser. Based on the Shadow Hunter Cruiser displayed at Dropship 40K.
Ork Gouga Lite Kroozers - Nov 20/01
Commissar Sonata's conversion of Gouga Lite Kroozers. Based on stats displayed at the the Armeggedon 3 website.
Converting for Orks - Feb 12/02
Commissar Sonata's guide to adding diversity to an Ork fleet by conversion and scratchbuilding.
Arbites Punisher Strike Cruiser - May 19/02
Commissar Sonata's guide to converting an Adeptus Arbites Punisher Class Strike Cruiser.
Building a Craftworld - Sep 20/02
Pictures of Commissar Sonata's Craftworld Ulthwé model and an overview on how it was built.
Alien Fleet Commanders - Nov 24/01
Commissar Sonata has made a pair of alien fleet commanders for BFG, based on exsisting Warhammer 40K personalities: Farseer Eldrad Ulthran and Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka.
Craftworld Eldar Fleetlist - Jan 3/02
Commissar Sonata's revised fleet list for Eldar Craftworld Defender fleets.
Aft Minelayer - Jan 3/02
Lord Admiral Acoron's aft minelayer upgrade provides a new way to deploy orbital mines.
Fleet Commander - Captain Ramas - Mar 8/02
Rules for the cybernetic Captain Erwin Ramas. From our Execution Hour series.
Fleetlist - the Komar Syndicate - Apr 18/02
An extension for the Wolf Packs pirate fleetlist representing organised crime in the 40K universe.
Blackstone Fortress Addendum - Sep 29/02
Our experimental rules clarifications for the Activated Blackstone Fortress.
"Khorne Will Do..." - Feb 25/02
Commissar Sonata's fanfiction on Chaos and Daemonbeasts in Battlefleet Gothic.
Chaos Burger - May 11/02
Commissar Sonata's humorous fanfiction on the powers of Chaos and fast food.

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