This is the part of the site where we (and hopefully other Gothic players soon enough) showcase our BFG fleets for site visitors. We'll include an order of battle for each fleet, pictures, and why we chose the ships we did.

Ulthwé the Damned - July 7/02
A joint project by Lord Admiral Acoron and Commissar Sonata, our Ulthwé Eldar fleet features a scratch built model of the craftworld Ulthwé itself. Though perhaps not as big as the real Ulthwé fleet, this order of battle includes comments on modeling and tactics by both Sonata and Acoron.
Orky Orks - Oct 17/01
This month we're looking at Commissar Sonata's particularly Orky Ork fleet. You can find pictures of all the ships, an order of battle for the whole fleet, and some comments from the Commissar.

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