Blackstone Six was founded in the summer of 2001 by a close knit group of friends who are enthusiasts of the Warhammer 40K universe. Battlefleet Gothic was our introduction to this dark and fascinating galaxy. As such, for most of us it remains our primary Games-Workshop game. We see BFG as gaining ground, coming back into the GW limelight. However, we're mostly unimpressed with the amount of support out there for this great game. Internet sites are far and few between, and even the official BFG magazine isn't enough to satisfy our voracious desire for content.

Therefore, it was decided to use our cumalative talents to create Blackstone Six: a high-content web site devoted entirely to Battlefleet Gothic. It's our goal to provide news and game support on a regular basis. Keep checking back, and enjoy!

About Site Layout:

The site is divided into the following categories:

  • Main Page: News snippets and rumours concerning BFG. Site index.
  • Articles: Our unique content. Includes tactics treatises, conversion articles, new rules, fanfiction, and anything else created just for our site.
  • Downloads: Digital goodies created for BFG fans. This includes graphics and fonts.
  • Fleet Profiles: Profiles of our and other people's BFG fleets.
  • New Ships: Rules and pictures of new BFG ships.
  • Links: All the vastly separated pages and sites on the internet hyperlinked for your pleasure.

    About The Creators:

    "Commissar Sonata" is the webmaster for Blackstone Six. He's been an Adobe Photoshop and web design enthusiast for several years now. He spends much more time modelling and converting for BFG and 40K than he does actually playing those games. "Sonata" is in the fourth year of his Bachelor of Music degree at the University of BC. Note: The odd look he sports in the photo to the right is due to the corruption he has elicited from the forces of Chaos (he recently stopped collecting a Sisters of Battle Army so that he could collect a small force of Slanneshi Chaos Space Marines).

    While "Lord Admiral Acoron" is lacking in web-authoring skills, he's probably played more games of Battlefleet Gothic than anyone in the province. Though some opponents have come close, no one has ever been solidly defeated the Lord Admiral in a game of BFG. This probably has something to do with his near encyclopedic knowledge of the game. He is a Trooper in the Canadian Armed Forces and hopes to soon become a cadet in the city police force. Note: The picture above was almost taken candidly (that is, he was asked to re-pose after he sat up).

  • April, 2002

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