Official Sites
Games Workshop Main Straight from the horse's mouth.
Forgeworld Main Makers of fine plastic war machines
Official Pages
GW Specialist Games BFG Page Everying you ever wanted to know about gothic, but were afraid to ask.
Games Workshop's Other BFG Page Because one official page isn't nearly confusing enough, here's the second "offical" BFG page, with additional gaming ideas.
Specialist Games Page The department of Games Workshop which handles BFG (translation: department which handles games they're too cheap to develop in a manner deserving of them).
Forgeworld's BFG Page All the neat BFG toys avalible in the Forgeworld online store. Try not to drool too much...
BFG Page at Armageddon3 All the information for playing BFG in the third war for Armageddon campaign. Worth checking out.
GW Staff Conversions
Necron Anomaly A weird and wonderful Necron... thing by web guy Rick Smith.
St. Dominicas Vengeance A Sisters of Battle battleship inspired by the Hammer of Thor from the Daemonifuge comics.
Orbital Defense Platforms The three Orbital Defense Platforms for BFG. Very Nice.
Hive Ship Carrier A Tyranid Hive Ship conversion. Uses Old Space Fleet bits.
Unofficial Sites
The Colossal 40K Resource Site Site of Matt Sprange, author of all the Corribra Sector material. Go see! A formerly Epic-only website which has extended its range of focus to Gothic as well.
Eldar Online Everything Eldar reigns at this site, which includes discussions of Eldar fleets.
Warmancer A general Games-Workshop fan site, which also includes some neat conversions for BFG.
Port Maw A very well-designed site. Lots of ship rules and articles.
Starship Combat News Up to date news on Battlefleet Gothic. Worth bookmarking.
Golgotha Spiral Tons of weird and wonderful conversions and new ship rules to boot. Neat-O!
Space Dock Not a large amount of content, but some great PDF datafaxes for ships and fleet-commanders. Got get 'em!
Eldar Webway A noteable page dedicated to BFG Eldar. Lots of info and a bunch of experimental rules and ships.
Dropship 40K This page covers many things Games-Workshop, but mostly focuses on the 40K universe. Some really cool BFG conversions.
The Gothic War A page with some interesting new ships and an experimental Fra'al fleet list.
Sherman Bishop's Hivefleet A page with some experimental Tyranid rules which predate the official Fanatic release. His scratchbuilt models, however, (which appeared in BFG magazine 1) are still great looking.
The Agrippa Sector A 40K campaign site. Check out the "Fluff" / "famous ships" section for some nice pics of their BFG ships.
Glen Haase's 40K Page Web page of Glen Haase: designer of the Chaos Space Marines for BFG. Lots of BFG SM goodies.
Aaron's Space Fleet Page The best site I can find for into about Battlefleet Gothic's predecessor: Space Fleet. Good pictures of all the old ships.
BFG Mail List: Files This is the files section of the BFG mailing list at Yahoo. There's lots and lots of rules and pictures to be found.

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