Fleet of Warlord Throg
by Commissar Sonata

Occassionally, I like to go by the slightly less refined name of "Warlord Throg". Such times being when I haul out my Ork fleet. As a starting out BFG player, Orks probably were not a very great choice for my first fleet. Orks have very particular strengths and weaknesses: their strengths can be difficult to execute, and their weaknesses easier to exploit. That being said, I can say I've probably had the most fun building and playing with my Ork fleet. Ork ships offer many great opportunities for scratchbuilding, which I love. So here's a list of my Ork ships and how I built and converted them.

Click Here for a full image of the fleet.
1: The Space Hulk
2: The Roks
3: Gouga Lite Kroozers
4: Zappah Big Kroozer
5: Hammer Class Kroozers
6: Kill Kroozers
7: Terror Ships
8: Savage Gunships
9: Ravager Attack Ships
10: Transports
11: Brute Ramships

Space Hulk and Roks

Believe it or not, the new rules for Space Hulks and Roks were one of the major selling points for my choosing an Ork fleet. Not only are they a massive force on the tabletop, but they were great fun to scratchbuild. However, that overwhelming presence often turns out to be a bit of a disadvantage. Space Hulks strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, but that makes your foes all the more intent on throwing as much firepower towards a hulk as possible. This combined with the armor 4+ makes those 40 hits seem to disappear a bit quicker than you'd hope. Be brazen with a hulk, but not to the point of mistakenly believing its invincible.

As for the Roks themselves, its important to remember that they are NOT ships. They can move on their own, but their movement is almost entirely random. It is best, when using Roks, to either put them in orbit around your Hulk, or (in the case of planetary defences) a planet.

Image of Sonata's Hulk, Da Toiminata', and Roks, Da Gorkamorka, Da Slag Ball, Big Gunz, and Da Bouldah.

Big Kroozers

The Zappah Class "Big Kroozer" is something of my own invention. You can find rules for it HERE.

Image of the Big Kroozer, Da Zappah.


Ah, the Hammer Class Battlekroozer rules in BFG Magazine #1 were a Warlord's dream come true. They also offered the opportunity for another great scratchbuild project.

Like the Hulk, the Hammer tends to be a firepower magnet. I always take the option of adding a third turret, and since a warlord is required to command it, an extra powerfield as well.

Image of the Hammer Battlekroozer, Da Bulldozah.


Even with the emergence of larger vessels, the captial ship staple for the Orks still lies in their Kill Kroozers and Terror Ships. Depending on your tastes, you can equip the forward fire arc with torpedoes or heavy gunz. Both work equally well provided you use them appropriately (something I myself have not quite yet mastered).

Image of the Kill Kroozers, Da Butcha' and Throg's Fist, and the Terror Ships, Da Fragga' and Mork's Jawz.

Lite Kroozers

Gougas are curious little ships. An Ork "Light" Kroozer is odd enough on its own. I have found (the hard way) that the Gouga's ability to grapple and board a ship is best used on smaller cruisers.

The Gougas were great fun to covert. To find out how to make your own, go HERE.

Image of the Gouga Lite Kroozers, Da Snatcha and Da Grabbah.


These don't tend to see a lot of action, but the serious BFG player has to have them. In the case of the Ork player (like much of the fleet) you have to build 'em.

I've also concoted some Orky rules for Greenskin transports which can be found HERE.

Image of the transport squadron, Da Truckz.

Savage Gunships

Savages carry heavy gunz. As such, they can do extensive damage, but only at close range. Shield your savages until the moment when you can throw them in the enemy's face.

My Savage squadron is called Da 'Nid Killas.

Ravager Attack Ships

Ravager attack ships are an interesting example of how Orks' random fire power can mean great or poor results. On a good roll, the torpedo salvoes from a squad of Ravagers can be devastating.

When I first saw the model for Chaos Infidels, I thought, "Cool, teeth! Those would make cool Ork ships." So when the time came to consider Ravagers, I converted some Infidels instead. After all, many Ork ships are actually salvaged from other races. I also have a lone Cobra that flies with them now.

Image of the Ravagers squadron, Meanboyz.

Brute Ramships

Lord Admiral Acoron is always telling me that Ramships are the best escort in BFG. They can manouver as well as any Imperial frigate, have armour 6+ prows, and 2 weapons batteries to boot. Plus they cam ram a ship with four dice, not one. They are indeed a deal at 25 points each and I can't have enough of them.

I have three ramship squadrons: Da Smashas, Da Skull Bashas, and Eleet Ram Boyz.


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