While going over the "Convoy Run" scenario recently, I noticed that there are some aspects of the standard Imperial Transport that can raise some questions for Ork players. For example, transports reduce their roll for All Ahead Full distance to 3D6, while the standard Ork Big-Red-Button ahead full gives 2D6. Imperial transports reduce their leadership by 1, for a range of 5 to 8, does this mean it's possible to have leadership 4 Ork transports? Ugh...

As such, I've come up with an Ork Transport design which will hopefully satisfy the "unique" needs of Ork players without giving them an unfair advantage. Enjoy! WAAAAAGHHH!

For some time now, Ork warbands (much like their Chaos counterparts), have made use of captured Imperial transports and Merchant vessels for much of their cargo and troop transport needs. However, as time has passed, transport crews purveying valuable cargoes became more weary of pirate activity. This is not to mention transports operated by the Imperial Navy becoming more heavily gaurded by escorting ships. Transporting large numbers of troops effectively is very important for the successful execution of a large "Waaagh" (as large Orkish military campaigns are so called), and Ork transports are more often crashed than landed on their destination planet. As such, Ork tribes began to rely more increasingly upon the practice of building their own transports (or "Truckz" as they became known). These cobbled-together rustbuckets were often barely more than empty hulls which would be stuffed full of battle-ready Orks. Still, they bear the unmistakable trademarks (or blemishes, perhaps) of Orkish starship design.

Ork Transport
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Escort/1 15cm 45° 1 6+ front/4+ 1
Armament: Range/Speed Firepower/Strength Fire Arc
Top Gunz 15 cm D3 Left/Front/Right


Armament: Luckily for the Mekboy designers, Ork Warbosses weren't looking for a full battle-capable vessel, otherwise many Mekaniks would probably have lost their lives (more than usual, anyways). The typical Ork transport is a giant can, and is incapable of generating the energy required to power large numbers of weapons systems. The Ork transport shown here really has two Gunz batteries, mounted port and starboard. However, the transport can only power one battery at a time, leading to an apparent single weapon system with a left/front/right fire arc.

The Good News: Ork transports get an automatic All Ahead Full order for 2D6 cm, just like any other Ork ship. Unlike their Imperial/Civillian Merchant counterparts, Ork transport pilots are courageous to the point of foolhardiness, and will not scatter in the event of an attack (on the contrary, chances are they'll be pleased!). As such, Ork Transports have a leadership range of 5 to 8, just like any other Ork ship.

The Bad News: These ramshakle ships, while classified as escorts, are on the heavy and awkward side of the spectrum. They're good at going forward quickly, but not great for sharp turns. Ork transports may not use the Come To New Heading special order.


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