As Humanity, Orkdom, and the other known powers of our galaxy expand their territories, they find themselves increasingly surrounded by technologically advanced space empires. The Tau/Kroot, the Necrons, and the Fra'al are just a few of these new threats. To compund these dangers, it seems that some of Humanity's old, familliar enemies are ready to take advantage of this situation, in more ways than one.

Recently, on the North-Eastern fringes of Imperial space, large Ork vessels have been sighted sporting large broadside arrays of unidentified energy weapons. Intelligence has shown that the local Ork populations refer to these weapons as "Disintygratahs". Imperial Navy battle reports indicate that the focused beams have the power to disintegrate matter at the molecular level. The technology is quite advanced, suggesting it was stolen or salvaged from another race by the Orks. Its poor implementation seems to coraborate this theory. At their full output, the disintigrators can be incredibly powerful. However, the jerry-rigging of alien, Ork, and human technologies leaves the whole system open to accidents and frequent misfires. Imperial Xenologists have come to expect such shoddyness from Ork ships and technologies.

If the disintegrators wern't intimidating enough, most Zappahs also carry standard Ork attack craft, allowing them to readily defend themselves from enemy ordnance and even send out attack craft waves to opponents. It also seems that these worrysome weapons are being mounted on Grand Cruiser sized hulls. Being Ork, these cruiser-sized ships can take a battleship-sized beating before being crippled or destroyed.
Zappah Class Big Kroozer
290 pts
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Grand Cruiser/12 20cm 45° 2 6+ front/5+ 2
Armament: Range/Speed Firepower/Strength Fire Arc
Port Disintygratahs 30 cm 2D6 Left
Starboard Disintygratahs 30 cm 2D6 Right
Port Launch Bays Fighta Bommas: 25 cm
Assault Boats: 30 cm
D3 Left
Starboard Launch Bays Fighta Bommas: 25 cm
Assault Boats: 30 cm
D3 Right
Prow Heavy Gunz 30 cm 4 Front
Prow Gunz 45 cm 2D6 Front


  • The "Disintygratahs" are high-power focused energy weapons and count as lances for all intents and purposes in the game.

  • The Zappah is a massive hunk of junk and may not use "Come to New Heading" special orders.

  • The Zappah may upgrade its turrets from 2 to 3 for an additional +10 points.

  • As a "Big Kroozer", any Zappahs you field must be supported by three other Kroozers or BattleKroozers. For example, a player fields a Kill Kroozer and a terror ship, the two of which allow him to field a Hammer BattleKroozer. The Terror Ship, Kill Kroozer, and Hammer may then count as supporting ships for a Zappah.

  • See the battle report of our playtest with the Zappah.

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