New Fleet Commanders
by Commissar Sonata Form

Let's face it kids: Orks and Eldar have always gotten a Bright Lance up the wazoo when it comes to new ships and rules. The Imperium and Chaos, of course, are always going to be getting the best stuff. Humans (as with any fantasy/Sci-Fi game with humans in it) are the center of the 40K universe, and that leaves those of us who play aliens pouting over their goodies. New ships will come, but alien players will likely never have as many choices as Human players do. Don't worry, our time will come... yes Khaine...

In the meantime, here's something I think BFG Orks and Eldar are lacking in: character fleet commanders. After all, are there not Orks and Eldar of particular notoriety in Warhammer 40K? Warlord upgrades are nice, but Orks lack the option to buy a fleet commander that increases the leadership value of their vessel. Pirate Princes are nice for Eldar, but what of the near-omnipotent farseers who guide the ships of the Craftworld fleets?

Here, for your inspection, are two major Warhammer 40K personalities who, by their very character, ought to make excellent fleet commanders. Enjoy!

Eldrad Ulthran: Farseer of Ulthwé
The head seer of the Ulthwé Craftworld, Eldrad Ulthran is likely the most powerful Farseer of the Eldar race. He is also ancient, and therefore most wise. His prophecies involve some of the most major events in galactic history. It was Ulthran's warnings of the impending invasion of the galaxy by the Tyranids that saved the Iyanden craftworld from total extinction. The Eldar of Ulthwé even claim that Ulthran attempted to warn the God-Emporer of the taint of Chaos upon Horus, but that the Emperor would not heed the word of an alien until it was too late. As a fleet commander, Ulthran's divination of fate and probabilities make him a leader beyond compare.

Eldrad Ulthran ......... 245 pts
A fleet of 1500 points or more from the Ulthwé Craftworld may include Eldrad Ulthran (Ld 11).

Leadership and Divination:
Eldrad Ulthran is an exceptional seer and psyker, and the awe of all those who fight under his command. He must be placed on a Battleship or a Ship of the Line (grand cruiser), and that ship will always be Leadership 11. Blast markers or enemy ships on special orders do not change his leadership value, but critical damage to his ship does (eg: infinity circut smashed).

At any time, he can establish a psychic link between himself and a ship or squadron of the fleet to guide the crew's judgment. To represent this, Eldrad Ulthran has one fleet commander reroll per turn to use on a ship or squadron of his choice (like Abaddon the Despoiler).

Iconic Figure:
Eldrad Ulthran is to Ulthwé what the God-Emporer is to the Imperium of Man. Therefore, he CAN NOT be allowed to die. Should the ship he is on be destroyed, his psychic death cry emanates throughout the Eldar fleet. All the Eldar in the vicinity are immediately stricken by the most horrid grief, believing that their Craftworld is now doomed. All Eldar ships on the board immediately reduce their leadership by -D3 for the remainder of the game.

Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka
For the present, no name conjures up more disgust in the Imperial Navy of the Segmentum Solar than that of Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka. No force of any kind has (or for that matter has EVER) caused as much disturbance in the very heart of the Imperium since the treachery of Horus itself. Thraka has made three major invasions of the hive world Armageddon in recent history, each one causing great strife to the local residents.

Ruthless and primitive in the extreme, Ghazghkull Thraka nonetheless embodies every bit of cunning and intelligence the Orkish gene-pool has to offer. He is not only an incredible foe in hand to hand combat, but also an exceptional fleet commander (as Orks go). Despite his dull and dense appearance, Thraka teeters precariously between tactical genius and feral insanity, and is NOT one to be trifled with.

Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka ......... 250 pts
An Ork WAAAAAGH fleet of 1500 points or more may include Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka (Ld 9).

Warlord Thraka as Fleet Commander:
Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka is an Ork of unprecedented cunning and tactical knowledge. Besides this, every Ork fears and obeys him with cowering fealty. Ghazghull must reside on the biggest (most expensive) capital ship in the fleet. He operates as a Leadership 9 fleet commander and has three re-rolls.

Note: Ghazghkull's ship may select one Warlord upgrade (excluding "Mad Meks") from the BFG main rulebook at the listed cost.

Oddboy Krew:
Thraka is well able to recognize insane genius in the Oddboyz of his warband. He is always accompanied on his vessel by two in particular: Mad Dok Grotsnik, practitioner of a crude, barbaric, and strangely effective brand of field medicine; and Mekboy Morgak, who maintains Ghazghkull's crude Ork technology with surprising efficiency. To represent their presence, the ship Thraka commands may reroll any dice that failed during a damage control roll.

Really big Ork:
Ghazghkull Thraka is a huge Ork, and wears his Kustom Mega Armour as often as Abaddon is clad in his Terminator armour. Therefore Ghazghkull's presence on a ship triples its boarding value. Additionally, hit and run raids against Ghazghkull's ship deduct -1 from their roll. If Ghazghkull's ship makes any hit and run attacks, they add +1 to their roll.

"You gone made da bossman MAD!!!":
Ghazghkull does not tolerate failure. If he uses his re-roll on his own ship and it fails a SECOND time, Warlord Thraka will go into an insane rage, thundering up and down the corridors of his ship in his mega armour, smashing anyone and anything that he believes failed him. It will take quite some time for his temper to subside, and by the time it does Thraka will have caused so much devastation that his ship shall receive a damage point.

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