Converting a Punisher Strike Cruiser
by Commissar Sonata


Here's some information on how you can build an Adeptus Arbites Punisher class Strike Cruiser as we did. The profile for this conversion was based on some descriptions in Execution Hour. In the book, the Punisher was described as being a variant of the Adeptus Astartes Strike Cruiser. However, it is said later in the book that a Chaos commander mistakes the Punisher for a Dauntless Light Cruiser. It is because of this that I imagined the Punisher as having a more standard Imperial prow.

You'll need:

  • 1 Plastic Imperial Cruiser sprue
  • Space Marine Strike Cruiser Superstructure - (part code: 080100101)
  • Strike Cruiser Weapon Battery - (part code: 080100103)
  • Strike Cruiser Gun Turret - (part code: 080100107)

    1. On the Strike Cruiser's main body, cut off the dorsal antennas, leaving a flat spine. Save the main antenna, you'll need it. There's also a nub at the front of the body, cut or file it off (as shown).

    2. Find the Strike Cruiser's "Weapon Battery" (this is the bottomost part which accepts the stem of the flying base). Cut off the antenna like structures. Glue it to the Strike Cruiser's main body as normal.

    3. Remove the two halves of the main body from the Imperial Cruiser sprue and glue them together. When the glue is dry, cut off the prow, then cut the top off as shown (the part to keep is highlighted).

    4. Using epoxy putty (the substance formerly known as "green stuff") and/or a bit of plasticard, cover the hole on the top of the plastic prow. Affix the Strike Cruiser's bombardment cannon turret here.

    5. Take the cruiser's wing assembly and cut the wings from the central body.

    6. Using putty or glue, affix the converted prow to the front of the Strike Cruiser body. Affix the plastic wings to the sides of the Strike Cruiser body (this is in place of the "Port and Starboard Shielding" bitz. The spot to affix the wings has been highlighted in figure 1).

    7. Using putty, attach the plastic cruiser bridge to the spine of the Strike Cruiser (where you cut the main antennas off). Attatch the main antennas just behind the bridge.

    When finished, you should have something simmillar to the sketch image below. As with any conversion, you'd best be handy with a hobby knife and a jewler's saw. Be aware that unless you bitz-order all the parts, this will be a pretty wasteful conversion. Of course, you may console yourself by knowing that you'll have plenty of stuff for your bit box when you're through. Good luck!

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