The Blackstone Fortress
an addendum for the Talismen of Vaul

A while ago it occured to us that the Activated Blackstone Fortress in the Chaos incursion fleetlist had a couple of problems with it. First and foremost, there is nothing in the rules which says that Blackstones do not suffer from critical hits. Indeed, GW's official opinion is that activated Blackstones suffer from critical hits just as anything else does, and repair themselves normally.

The problem lies in the fact that neither the standard nor the planetary defences critical hit tables have appropriate items for an activated Blackstone. Therefore, we decided to make this updated critical hits table with items exclusively appropriate for the Activated Blackstone Fortress.

2D6 RollExtra DamageResult
20Long range sensors damaged. Range of the warp cannon is reduced by half until repaired. This effect is cumulative.
30Warp cannon damaged. The Warp Cannon may only fire at half power until repaired. This effect is cumulative.
40Warp cannon disabled. The Warp Cannon may not fire at all until repaired.
50Shield generators damaged. Shield power is down. Until repaired the shields are at half.
6+1Inertial transducers malfunction. The fortress must move in the same direction as the previous turn until the damage is repaired.
70Fire. Plasma conduits have ruptured leading to many fires burning on multiple decks. Roll to repair. If not repaired in the end phase the fire will do one point of damage and continue to burn.
8+1Intertial motovators damaged. Reduce speed by -5cm.
90Eye of the Witch cracked. At the beginning of the Blackstone player's next shooting phase the fortress will fire at the closest vessel, friend or foe. It will continue with this strange behaviour until it repairs itself.
100Shield collapse. The fortress' shield generator has been hit dropping the Blackstone's shields. This damage may not be repaired.
11+D3Hull breach. A huge gash has been torn into the fortress. The corridors are filled with the cries of tortured metal as the bulk heads give way.
12+D6Structural failure. Explosions rip through the fortress' inards as decks come thundering down. Pray to the gods of Chaos that some of the fortress remains intact.

Another item we think might need ammedning is the lack of specifics regarding movement penalties. Because an Activated Fortress only moves 10cm, theoretically, it could be brought to a standstill by movement penalties (ie: being crippled, blast markers, critical damage). We'd like to specify then that if an Activated Blackstone Fortress suffers from multiple movement penalties then ignore the effects after the first. The huge fortress has a lot of momentum and will still move 5cm without propulsion.

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