Craftworld Eldar Fleetlist
by Commissar Sonata

I love Craftworld Eldar, they're great. Once you really get into Battlefleet Gothic, you inevitably start reading all the supporting material that ties it into Warhammer 40K. It helps you flesh out the BFG universe, and for new rules design, a basic understanding of the 40K universe really is a necessity.

It is this understanding of 40K, and Craftworld Eldar in particular, which has made me frown somewhat at the over-simplification of the Eldar presence in the BFG main rulebook. It's also somewhat humorous. In Warhammer 40K, we only see craftworld-type Eldar. The idea that piratical Eldar exist is explained by the Dark Eldar. It might be nice someday to see pirate Eldar in 40K again (they were around in the old days, but this has mostly been replaced with the craftworld theme). On the BFG side, I've always been disappointed that you could only choose a Pirate Prince for an Eldar fleet, as opposed to a mighty Farseer. I added some of this flavor with my rules for Eldrad Ulthran, but I still think a cheaper, more generic version is needed.

So, without further bellyaching on my part, here is a revised fleet list for Eldar Craftworld Defender fleets. All new fleet commanders and ships have been added.

Eldar Craftworld Defenders Fleetlist


0-1 Eldar Seer

You may include one Eldar Seer in your fleet, who must be assigned to a ship and increases its value as shown. If your fleet is worth more than 750 points, you must include a Seer to lead it.

Farseer (Ld 10) - 150 pts
Warlock (Ld 9) - 100 pts

Each Eldar Seer comes with one fleet commander re-roll. They may be given additional re-rolls at the listed costs:

One extra reroll - 25 pts
Two extra rerolls - 75 pts
Three extra rerolls - 150 pts

0-1 Craftworld Specialist Upgrade

The five largest craftworlds each have a specialist option which they can purchase to represent their unique attributes when it comes to warfare. You may only take one upgrade for the listed points. With the exception of Biel-Tan's option, the upgrades affect the entire fleet. Your fleet must be painted in the appropriate craftworld colors.

Saim-Hann Wild Riders + 60 points

The warriors of Saim-Hann are experts when it comes to riding jetbikes. They are equally zealous when it comes to piloting attack craft. Their fighters are the most finely tuned pieces of equipment they posses and move 35 cm in each ordnance phase.

Iyanden Spirits + 100 points

The wraithbone core of an Iyanden ship courses with the energy of dead warriors, giving that ship a life-force of its own. An Iyanden ship may reroll its dice when repairing critical damage. The second roll stands.

Ulthwé Seers +100 points

There are an inordinate number of Seers of all types in the Ulthwé craftworld, each divining the outcome of a battle at any one moment. As such, an Ulthwé fleet may have two additional fleet commander rerolls, even if it contains no fleet commander.

Alaitoc Rangers + 20 points

Alaitoc specializes at training Rangers and Path-Finders: elite snipers who blend into scenery and hide in shadows. Rangers are equally adept at skulking through the innards of an enemy ship and eliminating important targets. If you have purchased this upgrade, add +1 to any teleport attack made from an Alaitoc vessel.

Biel-Tan Aspect Warriors + 30 points (per ship)

Normally, Eldar are not seen using assault boats. They find them to be too brutish, and Eldar warriors are too valuable to risk in such hit and run attacks. Biel-Tan, however, has large numbers of elite aspect warriors, and utilize assault boats to send the horrors of Howling Banshees and Warp Spiders directly to the enemy. Any carrier ships in a Biel-Tan fleet that have purchased this upgrade may also launch assault boats (Scorpions: speed 30cm) at their normal strength. Standard rules for Eldar attack craft apply (eg: turrets require a 6+ to hit). However, these Eldar elites are more interested in getting out alive than maximizing their damage. They deduct -1 from their hit and run rolls.

Eldrad Ulthran

An Ulthwé craftworld fleet of 1,000 points or more may include Eldrad Ulthran. You will find rules for him here.

Eldrad Ulthran (Ld 11) - 245 pts


0-1 Craftworld

Eldar would never intentionally endanger a craftworld. However, if the Eldar are called to defend their home in the stars, the Craftworld can add considerably to the fleet's firepower. There will only ever be one craftworld involved in a fleet action, two or more is inconceivable. For some sample craftworld rules, see p. 3 of Planet Killer.


0-3 Battleships

You may include one Battleship for every 1,000 points your fleet is worth.

Void Stalker class Battleship - 380 pts

0-3 Ships of the Line

You may include one Line cruiser for every 2 regular cruisers in your fleet.

Shadow Hunter class Line Cruiser - 260 pts

The Shadow Hunter's stats

0-12 Cruisers

Eclipse class Cruiser - 250 pts
Shadow class Cruiser - 210 pts
Aurora class Light Cruiser - 140 pts


Your fleet can include any number of escorts.

Hellebore class Frigate - 75 pts
Aconite class Frigate - 65 pts
StarWraith class destroyer - 45 pts
Hemlock class destroyer - 40 pts
Nightshade class destroyer - 40 pts

The StarWraith's stats


Any ship with launch bays may choose to have them launch a mix of Darkstar fighters and Eagle bombers. Biel-Tan ships may purchase Scorpion assault boats as listed above. Ships with torpedo tubes are armed with Eldar torpedoes.


All special rules used for Eldar corsairs and pirates apply to Craftworld Eldar fleets in full.

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