Throughout the Imperium, the venerable Gothic class cruiser has been a fleet mainstay for many centuries. It is because of the success of this lance-specific cruiser that one's mind is bewildered to answer this question: why were there no lance specific heavy/battlecruisers operating in the Imperial navy?

There may have been several contributing factors: development cost, lack of new technologies to support the amount of power required, the success of the Gothic class. However, the most prevalent factor may have been the stigma created by the failure of the Acheron class development project. Twiddling with alien technology in radical new weapons systems, the Adeptus Mechanicus paid with time, effort, and a few lives. They nevertheless succeeded at length, only to have their pride and joy (along with all its schematics) stolen by the forces of Chaos. It is this that causes most Imperial admirals to shudder when talk of a "Lance Battlecruiser" circulates.

It was Lord Admiral Ravensburg, in his final years as commander of Battlefleet Gothic, who broke this superstitious silence and authorized the Titan class development project. The Titan makes use of advanced, more refined reactor systems. These systems allow superior broadside range in comparison the Gothic, and allow the installation of a dorsal lance battery. The test ship, the Light of Rectitude, distinguished itself admirably in its newborn years. Such success soon paved the way for the production of this class on a larger scale.

Light of Rectitude

Titan Class Battlecruiser
255 pts
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Battlecruiser/8 20cm 45° 2 6+front/5+ 3
Armament: Range/Speed Firepower/Strength Fire Arc
Port Lance Battery 45 cm 4 Left
Starboard Lance Battery 45 cm 4 Right
Prow Torpedoes 30 cm 6 front
Dorsal Lances 60 cm 2 L/F/R

Notes: The Titan class battlecruiser contains an inordinately large number of high-energy reactors to drive its power intensive lance systems. When rolling on the catastrophic damage table, add +2 to the final result.


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