TYRANID SWARM WYRMS - 10 Points each


Many Tyranid organisms fall into a broad category called "spores". This category encompasses some of the simplest life forms in the Tyranid gene-pool. Spore mines are used as explosives on the battlefield, Mynetic spores drop Tyranids warriors from orbit, and tiny shield spores protect vessels in space. They are all very simillar in appearance: a ball of biomatter supported or propelled by tentacles.

Recently, another organism with links to the "spore" family has been sighted. Nicknamed "Swarm Wyrms" by Imperial Naval personnel, these spore-like Tyranid escorts follow enemy vessels around the battlefield. Then, at the right moment, they hurl themselves at the enemy vessel, exploding in a cloud of acidic bio-plasma.

This tactic was to be expected from Tyranids. Nevertheless, it has proven to be a very crude yet very effective method of attack, as most Tyranids methods are.

Tyranid Swarm Wyrm
10 pts
Type/Hits Speed Turns Armour
Escort/1 30cm 90° 4+
Armament: Range/Speed Firepower/Strength Fire Arc
Bio-Plasma Detonation Contact 2 Special

Special Rules:

If a Tyranid Swarm Wyrm comes into base to base contact with any enemy ship during the Tyranid player's movement phase it automatically detonates against the armour value that it impacted on (ie: if a swarm Wyrm comes into contact with a cruiser's port side, the damage would resolve on the port armour). To resolve the detonation simply roll 2D6 against the target's armour (ignoring shields) for each Wyrm. Holofields may save as normal. After the attack has been resolved replace the Swarm Wrym with a blast marker (which should also be in base to base contact with the enemy ship), regardless of whether or not the attacks were successful. For every three points of damage done to a target ship by Swarm Wyrms, that target receives one automatic fire critical hit to represent excess amounts of acid burning through the hull. This can be "repaired" (extinguished) as normal.

Because the Wyrms are so small, the opposing player has the option to fire at the Swarm Wyrms with your defence turrets if they wish. Simply roll a D6 per turret, for each 5+ a Swarm Wyrm is detonated before it can make its attack. Replace destroyed Wyrms with blast markers as normal. Note that if an enemy ship uses its turrets to fire at Swarm Wyrms, it may not use them to defend against attack craft or torpedoes in following ordnance phase.

Swarm Wyrms are self-contained organisms and do not carry any smaller Tyranids. Because of this, any vessel which makes a hit and run attack against a Swarm Wrym receives a +1 modifier. Swarm Wryms may not participate in any boarding actions. If an enemy player attempts to ram or board a Swarm Wyrm, it will automatically detonate. Otherwise, Swarm Wyrms can not be detonated during the enemy player's turn.

Swarm Wyrms must be fielded in squadrons (swarms) of 6 to 18. For scenario purposes, Swarm Wyrms do not have any assault points.

Swarm Wyrms, being the simple creatures that they are, have a condensed instinctive orders table shown here:

Instinctive Orders
Normal movement will take the ship(s) into a gas/dust cloud, asteroid belt, planetary rings, minefield, warp rift or any other dangerous celestial phenomenon.Burn Retros
Nearest enemy is in front fire arc and is more than 40cm awayAll Ahead Full (+3D6)
Nearest enemy is within rear fire arcCome to New Heading
None of the above conditions applyStay within 45cm of the largest Tyranid vessel

Representing Swarm Wyrms: Since they function in much the same manner, we chose Warhammer 40K Spore Mines to represent Swarm Wyrms. Any version or type will do, and a mix of them will look great.

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