During the Gothic war, the Imperial fleet was hard pressed for capital ships and supplies due to the emergence of the many warp storms that plagued the sector. Lord Admiral Ravensburg ordered that all possible capital ships be pressed into service. This included any ancient, decommissioned vessels, as well as captured enemy ships. When the Death Skull, a Chaos Slaughter class cruiser, was involved in a hit and run attack in the Quinrox Sound, it was badly crippled by torpedoes from a six strong squadron of Cobra class destroyers. After a eight day long boarding action and the commitment of four battalions of Imperial Guardsmen (it turned out there was a garrison of Khorne Berserkers on board) the ship was finally captured.

The vessel was towed to the repair station at Port Maw where engineers of the Adeptus Mechanicus began repairs. Several problems arose as the Mechanicus engineers had no appropriate parts to repair the ancient Chaos ship. The decision was made to upgrade the ship to battlecruiser status and add a dorsal armament, namely a lance battery. Ingenious feats of engineering blended old and new technologies and parts. When the ship was finally repaired and upgraded it was renamed the Battle Cry and pressed into service, the class listed merely as a "BF-88-hc" cruiser variant.

In a cruel twist of irony, it was but a year before the ship again changed hands. The Battle Cry was caught in port at the disastrous battle of Blackstone IV. The ship, docked with the Blackstone Fortress, was refueling, and completely dependent on the station for power supply. When Abbadon asserted control over the fortress and shut down its main power, the Battle Cry was rendered helpless. By the time the ship's crew managed to sever the fuel line and (with no main power) restart the ship's reactors from cold, it was far too late.

The Battle Cry was renamed the Horror, and over the following years it caused considerable grief to Imperial forces, all the while being picked over by traitor tech priests. It is likely that more ships of this class shall be seen in Chaos fleets in the coming years.

Battle Cry / Horror

Horror Class Heavy Cruiser
230 pts
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Heavy Cruiser/8 25cm 45° 2 5+ 2
Armament: Range/Speed Firepower/Strength Fire Arc
Port Lance Battery 45 cm 2 Left
Starboard Lance Battery 45 cm 2 Right
Port Weapons Battery 45 cm 8 Left
Starboard Weapons Battery 45 cm 8 Right
Prow Weapons 60 cm 6 L/F/R
Dorsal Lances 60 cm 2 L/F/R

Notes: Although the Horror is a Chaos class, this cruiser may also be used in an Imperial fleet. However, there can only be one per fleet and it must be named the Battle Cry. It should be treated as a battlecruiser for the purposes of support.


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