Imperial Naval tacticians and engineers have been daunted enough trying to keep up with the Necron threat rising from the shadows of the galaxy. Study of the limited Necron ship classes that have been identified is still ongoing, but it seems that more types of ships have already reared their ungodly, mechanical heads.

Dubbed the "Doom" class raider by Naval personnel, this fairly typical Necron escort carries small Lightning Arc emitters and a more compact version of the Gauss Particle Whip seen on Necron cruisers. While a single ship seems lightly armed when alone, its power quickly become apparent when a squadron of raiders unleash combined particle whip attacks on an opponent.

This configuration of vessel was first encountered by Captain Darven Meridor, commander of the Dictator class cruiser Fortitude. Escorted by by two Cobras, the Imperial cruiser was on a routine patrol mission in the uninhabited system LVZ-47/f. While passing round a small moon, the Imperial squadron found itself ambushed by a four strong squad of speedy Necron raiders. Fortunately, the Imperial ships were able to lay down an impressive hail of torpedoes and attack craft. Though the Imperial ships suffered damage, the Necron ships were destroyed, allowing Captain Meridor and his crew to report their discovery to Naval command.

Necron Doom Class Raider
50 pts
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Escort/1 40cm 90° (6+save) 6 1
Armament: Range/Speed Firepower/Strength Fire Arc
Particle Whip 30 cm 1 Front
Lightning Arc 30 cm 2 Front

Representing a Doom Class Raider: Scratchbuild some small crescent-shaped ships and you're bound to have something that fits right in.


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