All throughtout Imperial space, the Dauntless class light cruiser and its variants have been a chronic headache to raiders of all races. Its ability to chase down escorts and destroy them with superior firepower meant that an Imperial fleet's escorts could spend more time harrasing enemy capital ships with torpedo runs, or defending their own from enemy escorts and ordnance.

During the Gothic war, the forces of Chaos, having more tactical awareness than the Orks and less manouverability than the Eldar, found Dauntless cruisers to be an extreme annoyance. Chaos fleets would be forced to add extra escorts to their fleets, not to mention replacing the many that were chewed apart by Dauntlesses. Sometimes Chaos forces were fortunate enough to get hold of a Dauntless hulk or, even rarer, a contemporary traitor. But these rare occurances were far and few between, and even so, the forces of Chaos were I'll equipped to service the modern Imperial tecnologies of the Dauntless.

One of Abaddon's subservient Warmasters, Tyrus, was eager to solve this problem. Tyrus procured a handful of heavy transports that had been scuttled by Abaddon in favor of their lighter counterparts. Tyrus had the vast cargo spaces of the ships filled with powerful drives, and fitted the ships with standard Chaos cruiser weapons systems. The result was a line of small, agile Chaos cruisers which could easily match a Dauntless tit for tat. It was not long after these adept ships were put into service that Abaddon vanished with the Blackstones and the Chaos rebellion became splintered. However, the few Cerberus cruisers that were created still see service in several Warmasters' fleets, where they are valued as much as any grand cruiser.

Cerberus Class Light Cruiser
120 pts
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Light Cruiser/6 30cm 90° 1 5+ 1
Armament: Range/Speed Firepower/Strength Fire Arc
Port Weapons Battery 30 cm 4 Left
Starboard Weapons Battery 30 cm 4 Right
Prow Lances 30 cm 3 Front

Notes: Like its counterpart the Dauntless, the Cerberus has large drives for its size, and may travel an additional D6 on All Ahead Full special orders. Unlike the Dauntless, however, the Cerberus is only avalible with prow lances, it may NOT use torpedoes.


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