Demiurg Bastion Class Cruiser
by Nate Montes

These are another set of rules created for the Bastion class cruiser by Nate Montes. They are NOT the rules published in BFG Mag 10. They are, however, perfectly reasonable and playable if you'd like to use something slightly different for your next engagement with the mysterious Demiurg.

Once the stuff of myth and legend, it has been extremely difficult for agents of the Adeptus Explorator and the Tech-Priests of the Cult Mechanicus to shed to ascertain many details concerning the enigmatic and unobtrusive race known as the Demiurg. However, reconnaissance patrols in the highly contested regions surrounding the Parrandas system have brought to light new information about them, and continuing investigations have brought back reports of a previously unidentified ship class that unmistakably identify it as having the distinctive characteristics common to Demiurg vessels.

Like the much larger Stronghold class, this vessel relies on an extremely unusual form of propulsion that ingests, compresses and expels interstellar hydrogen. Though this form of propulsion makes these vessels rather slow and ponderous, the curious and inherently powerful shielding arrangement required by this system allows this ship to shrug off the kind of punishment that would easily cripple a similarly-sized vessel. Initially codified as the Bastion, this ship is equipped with a powerful weapons fit, and though Demiurg vessels have been observed to withdraw rather than confront a foe, these vessels are capable of delivering a withering barrage if attacked.

Though extremely powerful, the weapons fit of the Stronghold is primarily defensive in nature to protect it from pirates and marauders as it reaps the mineralogical harvest of the asteroid fields and flare regions of star systems frequented by the Demiurg. The role of the Bastion however is more uncertain. The design of the Bastion cruiser indicates that they lack the facilities to undertake mining and resource harvesting missions, and on only three occasions have they been observed operating independently of a Stronghold vessel. In all these cases they were seen to operate in pairs, though on what mission or for what purpose these ships were engaged in such a manner remains a mystery. What is known is that these ships will generally only operate defensively even when openly attacked, but when operating with a Stronghold they are used much more aggressively. On more than one occasion sensors aboard the exploration frigate Karsulak operating in the uninhabited system N106-341/2 recorded Demiurg cruisers moving to engage Chaos raiders even as a damaged Stronghold vessel was attempting to withdraw from the system, and the rogue trader Cornelius Upsalla reported that a Bastion cruiser was witnessed ramming an Ork Kroozer that engaged a Stronghold it was escorting. Because Demiurg fleet characteristics and observed operational tactics do not demonstrate expansionist tendencies that would threaten Imperial interests, it has been speculated by scientists of the Fleet Insturum that this ship was developed in response to some interstellar conflict that befell the race, but against what alien xenos the Demiurg were forced to defend themselves is unknown.

Bastion Class Cruiser
150 pts
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Cruiser/6 15cm 45° 2 5+ (6+ Front) 2
Armament: Range/Speed Firepower/Strength Fire Arc
Port Weapons Battery 30 cm 6 Left
Starboard Weapons Battery 30 cm 6 Right
Prow Weapons Battery 45 cm 8 Front
Prow Cutting Beam 15 cm Special Front
Dorsal Torpedo Silos 30 cm 6 All Around

Special Rules:

The prow cutting beam operates in the same manner as that for the Demiurg Stronghold. Like the Stronghold, the Bastion cruiser ignores all effects of blast markers in base contact.

All Bastion cruisers have a starting leadership of 8, and they lose one Ld point for every point of damage they take.

Bastion cruisers can squadron together but otherwise cannot squadron with a Stronghold or ships from any other race. When added to the fleet list of another race, they count as a cruiser but otherwise do not count toward the purchase of heavy cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships, etc. Demiurg vessels will never join a Tyranid, Necron or Ork fleet list.

When crippled, individual Bastion cruisers not in a squadron will automatically attempt to disengage at the start of its turn (or the whole squadron will attempt to disengage if all elements are crippled), or move toward the closest table edge if they fail the test to disengage. However, Bastion cruisers will NOT attempt to disengage when facing Orks or any time a Stronghold vessel is still on the table.


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