Scenario: Capture the Hulk
by Commissar Sonata Form and Lord Admiral Acoron

Hulk graveyards are a rare occurrence which form under a variety of circumstances. They may be the site of an ancient battle. They may be a ship yard or scrap depot long forgotten by any number of races. They might even be a haphazard collection of junk pulled out of the warp by a random convergence of gravitational fields. Whatever their origin, these graveyards are prized by nearly all who encounter them. They contain secrets whose value far outweighs the immense dangers which often lurk within them.

Having discovered and surveyed such a graveyard, one fleet has uncovered a rare derelict (ie: an unknown alien vessel, the Planet Killer hulk, a Necron vessel, etcetera). The fleet sends for tugboats and other Adeptus Mechanicus services. Time is limited, however. For a second fleet already has plans of its own for the priceless hulk. Now both fleets must perform a risky battle inside the junk field in order to be the first to recover the prize.

Both fleets are comprised of equal points. In addition to regular fleet vessels, both fleets will also include a tugboat (see rules below) for every 500 points (or portion thereof) of regular vessels.

A hulk graveyard can occur anywhere from deep space to far inside a contested system (players may wish to cut back on additional celestial phenomenon for simplicity's sake). The hulk graveyard itself is a massive field of junk. Treat it as an asteroid field for the purposes of shooting and movement (see the Q&A in the 2002 Annual, p. 99, #9, for details on combat inside asteroid fields). Players may still shoot at the dead hulks in the field in an attempt to make them explode (see p.26, BFG main rulebook), however, the dead hulks will remain stationary even if shot at.

The players will deploy their fleets on opposite sides of the table, within 20cm of the table edge. The "prize hulk" is placed in the exact center of the table. The hulk graveyard will be distributed in an equidistant manner around the prize hulk. (Nitpicky players make take turns placing dead ships or have a referee place the graveyard if they so desire.)

Once all ships have been deployed both players should roll a D6. The player with the highest score may choose to go first or second.

The game lasts until one fleet disengages or has been destroyed. The game also ends if a player's tug removes the hulk from the board or if the hulk is destroyed.

Victory points are not used as normal. Instead, use this modified table to determine the level of your success, or the severity of your failure. Subtract your enemy's gains and add their losses to your total.

Conditions Outcome Score
The enemy escapes with the prize hulk.Mission Failure-2
More than 50% of the points value of your fleet is destroyed.Battle Loss-1
The hulk is destroyed or lost.Mission Stalemate0
Less than 50% of the points value of your fleet is destroyed.Battle Win+1
You escape with the prize hulk.Mission Success+2

When a tug approaches the prize hulk, it must test to implement the Burn Retros special order. While on Burn Retros, the tug may move into base to base contact with the hulk. At this point, the tug is considered to have somehow grappled the hulk (note: while Eldar ships can't use the Burn Retros special order, they still must make a leadership check in order to tractor the hulk). In the next turn, the tug may tow the hulk behind it as it moves. While towing the hulk, the tug may only turn 45° at the end of every second movement phase (no tug can turn very fast with a massive hulk attatched to it). A tug which is towing may not use special orders (with the exception of Brace For Impact), nor move in the ordnance phase if it is Eldar.

A towing tug can be fired upon and destroyed as normal, assuming the vessel firing has line of sight. If the towing tug is destroyed, the hulk will maintain momentum and continue to move 10cm per turn in the direction it was last being towed in each subsequent movement phase. The hulk may then be recovered by either side using the aformentioned methods. If the hulk drifts off the board with no tug attatched, it is lost and considered destroyed for game purposes.

Note: It is highly unlikely that races such as the Tyrandis or Necrons would have any interest in recovering anyone else's technology. If desired, a Tyranid or Necron player may play this scenario as a raid. In this case, such a player may count the destruction of the hulk as a "Mission Success", worth 2 victory points.

Tugs have the stats listed below for the races mentioned. Use applicable transport values when calculating leadership.

Imperial - Chaos - Ork Tugboat
pts: special
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Cruiser/4 10cm 45° 1 5+ 1

Eldar - Dark Eldar Tugboat
pts: special
Type/Hits Speed Turns Shields Armour Turrets
Cruiser/2 10/10/15 special Holofield 4+ 0

Our hulk graveyard with a creamy Planet-Killer center.
Two fleets face off for the honor of recovering such a rare prize.

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